December 2006
Lake Placid Community Petition

Re: Hilton Redevelopment Project:

To: The Lake Placid Zoning Board Of Appeals

I am signing this document to express my concern about the Hilton Redevelopment Project currently before this board. I feel that the variances that the developers are requesting are excessive and extraordinary in nature and that, if granted, will result in a profound and extremely undesirable change in the unique character of our community and the Village of Lake Placid.

The residential setback variances being requested will extend this commercial project deep into the heart of one of the oldest and most beautiful residential neighborhoods in Lake Placid destroying the remarkable character of historic Signal Hill.

The extraordinary height variances being requested exceed the maximum allowable code by an additional 19' & 10" and do not include the architectural towers rising above the roof line which will add an additional 8' to 10' in height. Such a profound height variance will alter the Lake Placid skyline as seen from every angle around Mirror Lake and will virtually obliterate the precious View Shed of Mirror Lake and the Adirondack mountains from Signal Hill and the surrounding village.

Additionally, the significant storm water runoff created by the required parking lots and expansive roof line will channel directly down hill and into our Mirror Lake Watershed depositing chemicals and toxins into this fragile body of water.

Ultimately, the sheer size and scope of the proposed Hilton Condo Hotel project threatens to undermine the very character of our unique village and exchange a feeling of small-town Adirondack life for one of large-scale resort development.


You may print this petition and mail to:

Lake Placid Zoning Board of Appeals
c/o Kenneth C. Jubin
PO Box 808
Lake Placid NY 12946